Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Your Life: Are you hitting SNOOZE...?


Today I Woke Up.

I have been thinking a lot about this whole "Snooze" idea. Far too many times in my life I have had some great business idea, or a creative song concept and instead of just taking action and creating or starting, I pressed snooze. I would think, "Thats a great idea but I have so much on my plate." Or "If I only knew the right person I could get this business off of the ground." Truth is, I HATE starting. I am a notorious procrastinator. I put off things and then put them off again. Then it becomes no big deal. I have no sense of urgency about it since I haven't done anything about it so far. 

      If you are anything like me then you know what I'm talking about. I must say that I have accomplished a small amount of feats in my 31 years on this earth. I graduated College after siting out for 5 years. I'm a working musician and I run L. Griffin Transport which is the business my father handed down to me before he passed. I got married. I have produced music for world famous musicians and artists. However I feel as if there is so much more that I have to offer the world. 

The Moment of Clarity.

    This morning before I woke up finally at 9:15 I hit the snooze button 5 times on my iPhone. But you know what happens after you keep hitting snooze? The alarm stops. Then you have to wake yourself up which is way harder than just waking up with the alarm in the first place. You have to trust that you don't oversleep (which usually you do). You don't have the drive or the motivation to wake up. 

Plan of Action!

Here is a plan to help you get on the right track! You have to be able to see where you are going. Thats why writing it down is helpful.

1. Create a list of long term goals
    Example (Start a business, Lose 50 lbs,) 
2. Create a list of short term goals
    (Fit in bikini, Buy a scooter for summer)
3. Break short term list down into tasks
    (File for business, Save $75 a week, Gym twice a week)
4. Do something everyday to achieve 1 task 

5. Re- visit the lists you made at the end of the week. 

I encourage you to stop hitting the snooze button on your life because you only get one. If you have an Idea or business to handle then do it. Currently I am reading "Poke the Box" by Seth Godin (audio book of course) and he talks about how our society teaches us to conform and to become a cog in a system of other cogs, but no one teaches you how to take initiative. We are always waiting for someone to tell us its ok to be who we want to be. But we don't have to. Now is the time to stand up and take charge of your own destiny. So for the love of God wake up and please please pretty please stop hitting snooze!

- O.T. Griffin

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Monday, February 14, 2011

#909sAndValentines Mixtape EP: @THEPOWERMOGUL x @RICHSEMERE (One Producer + One Vocalist)

This is the latest music project that I have completed. Its Free so if you like it send the link to your friends. The Concept of the project is to do a cd about love over the TR-909 drum kit. What better day to release than on Valentines day! Enjoy.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Drake - Live New Years 2011 Eve (Fancy) W/ New Verse!

I had to share this because This live music show is incredible! Drakes stage presence is on point plus I love the fact that he is not screaming in the mic. Check it out

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Monday, December 27, 2010

@MarcusTroy Thoughts: My 10 Rules to Personal Growth & Success | Marcus Troy

My 10 Rules to Personal Growth & Success
Since I get asked these type of questions all the time, I decided to just put it in a post. Enjoy

1. Don’t use people

Never call upon people only when you need something. If you haven’t called someone for months, even to just say hello, but the minute you know they can help you, you give them a shout, that is not cool. My first thought when I see certain numbers on my phone is: “I wonder what this person wants from me now?” You never want to be that person in someone’s phone book.

2. Offer help first

You should always offer your help or services first! The minute you offer help or your services I promise you that phone call won’t seem so awkward. Always take care of the people who help you out, do it any way you can and no matter what.

3. Invest in your progress.

If you have to spend money to make a long distance call just to talk about an opportunity, make it happen. If you have to drive out of your way and spend money on gas just for a potential opportunity, make it happen. If you need to get on a plane just to connect with someone for 5 minutes, do what you have to do. Too many people decide not to make that call, or take that trip and that can be a life-changer. I myself have gotten on planes just to make a meeting happen. I knew the opportunity had the potential to be great, so I made it happen. (It never worked out mind you, but it was still worth the personal growth.)

4. Don’t hide behind emails or text messages.

If you have to call someone to talk about something, make it happen. It is really easy to say: “Oh I sent you an email and I never heard back from you.” Connect with people face-to-face or on the phone. Too many times people rather send you an email of bad news, or even send you an email to avoid talking to you, or just to say they reached out.

5. Be generous 
Share your time, thoughts, ideas and things.

I’ve noticed the people who decide to be greedy and keep everything to themselves lose the most in the long run. The more you give, the more you receive, it is just the law of the universe. If you get two give away one, it is as simple as that. Sometimes if you don’t have, still give what you can. Don’t be greedy, share. There is enough of everything for everyone.

6. Don’t be annoying

Allow things to happen organically, which means give it its time. If something is urgent you are always more than welcome to follow up and you have a right to be persistent, but don’t become a bother. It is easier for someone to cut you off than to put you on.

7. Don’t abuse your friendships or put people in compromising situations.

Never put people in a situation where you put their back up against a wall, they will start to despise you. Don’t ever namedrop a friend’s name or bring a friend into a situation that he or she has nothing to do with, especially in business. Some people will use your name in order to make things happen for themselves, that’s not cool. You know those kind of people: “Hey I know so and so make this happen for me?”

8. Don’t abuse the power of social media

We are all part of social media networks for different reasons, so it does not mean we want to be spammed or bombarded with your music of your new projects. There is an etiquette that needs to be followed. When you are constantly @’ing people who don’t even follow you about your projects, you are doing yourself a great disservice. They start to hate everything you stand for and will never give you the shine you are looking for.  Don’t constantly promote your projects on other people’s Facebook walls, that is the most annoying thing you can do, especially since a lot of people use Facebook as a personal media network.
If people choose to follow you or be your friend you have every right to promote your projects on your respective side, but don’t start abusing the people who have not subscribed to what you are doing.

9. Be respectful

You never know who is going to be who, or who you might need to call upon, or do a favor for, or even work for, so always be kind and respectful. The person you might shit on might end up being the person who opens or closes a door for you.

10. Become a person of your word.

No one likes excuses, even the most compelling ones. If you say you are going to do something, like make a phone call, submit a project or pay someone, whatever it may be, try and stick to what you say! People put a lot of stock in what you tell them, so you don’t want the reputation of someone who is unreliable.
People love working with people that they can depend on and that are reliable. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you are not reliable you are worthless.
These are just some of the rules that I try to abide by. They have been extremely instrumental on my journey to success.
Thanks and I hope this can help you!
Marcus Troy

Great list of rules to be successful! Hope you enjoyed as I did. Also check out Awesome content.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Did @iamdiddy sign the economy? Puffy is Poison!!!

S/O to @Maronzino for this HILARIOUS Video. (Please Follow Him) This is Puffy is Poison Pt 3. I havnt even seen Pts 1-2 but I can only imagine!

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